Tips and Strategies for Lifters


Weightlifting is becoming more commonplace for those looking to get into shape. Cardio has shown to have its positive effects, but weight training and weightlifting has shown to have a more drastic effect, turning fat into muscle and resulting in weight loss far quicker than cardio.

But not knowing what to do or how to go about weightlifting can make the entire thing feel like a struggle. You might not be seeing the results that you want and that can lead to discouragement in your efforts to improve your health.

Here are a few tips to follow for those out there trying weightlifting to improve your overall health and physique.

Eating Healthy Is Key

If you aren’t putting the right things into your body, you will struggle to see the results that you want. The proper diet and nutrition will help to accelerate the growth of your muscle and help you to burn fat far more quickly.

An imbalanced diet can combat this progress. You could essentially wind up doing far more work for far fewer results based entirely on your eating habit. Fruits, vegetables, complete proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates are important to building your body with more muscle and far less fat.

Focus on a Full Range of Motion

It can be easy to take shortcuts when weightlifting. When you are exhausted and trying to hoist that weight up, you might mentally be telling yourself to just get through it as quick as you can. But avoiding those shortcuts and taking the path of largest range of motion is important.

When you take a larger range of motion in your exercises, it helps to break down more of the muscle. Breaking down the muscle so that it can rebuild is how you see more muscle growth and see more results.

Don’t Go Too Heavy

While it can be natural to get macho and go for heavier weights, it is imperative that you don’t. If you are failing far sooner into your sets than you should be, it is because you are using weights that are too heavy and won’t see the best results out of your training.

Using lighter weights to get slightly longer sets will result in greater gains. Patience is of course the key. We naturally want to lift the heaviest weights possible, but staying patient is the key to seeing gains.