Truth about detox tea

The Truth About Diet Teas

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Diet teas are known as a way to detox, cleanse and support weight loss generally but the evidence that they are effective at these is not well confirmed. Most diet teas, which are also called weight-loss teas or slimming teas are based on the senna herb. According to FDA, senna is approved for the treatment of constipation and because it contains chemicals that cause a laxative effect while irritating the large intestine. Some of what diets teas do in the body include:

  • Helps promote cleansing
  • Helps eliminate impurities
  • Supports weight loss efforts

Do They Work?

Diet teas may help you lose water temporarily and weight but they do not have a lasting effect. This is because most of the ingredients in the diet teas have no fat burners or weight loss ingredients. A diet tea is not an effective treatment for appetite suppression and weight loss and does not work as advertised.
However, diet teas do not prevent the absorption of calories from food because they only act on the stimulation of the large intestines. They do not act on the small intestines where nutrient assimilation takes place. Since diet teas effect loss of water and faecal matter, they may lead to loss of vital electrolytes, dehydration and painful cramping.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you invest in diet teas for weight loss, below are important things to keep in mind:

1. No Medical Proof Is Supporting Claims
Very little scientific and medical research endorses or backs what many of these diet teas claims. Although most of the ingredients used are backed with scientific research, there are still many faults. To be on the safer side when using diet teas, always consult with your medical professional. Your doctor will analyze the ingredients and let you know if it is sure to go for the fad diet. If that also doesn’t seem feasible and you prefer realistic results, then you may want to reach out to experts and take treatments such as cryo toning to see effective results where you can reduce your body fat.

2. You Might Be Losing Water Weight And Not Losing Fat
Your body may be telling you a different story other than what is written on the labels on a diet tea. This is because most of the diet teas contain caffeine, which only supports water weight loss. The ingredients in a diet tea also have a laxative effect, which only helps to flush toxins and water from your body. Once you started feeling like you are floating, it is because you have lost a great amount of water.

3. Ingredients Used For Making Diet Teas Can Be Harmful

This is the most upsetting factor that is true about diet teas. Many detox concoctions or diet teas have ingredients that you are familiar with and those you have never heard of before. One familiar ingredient is senna – a plant that has a natural laxative effect. Some side effects of senna may include cramps, bloating, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort, nausea, and diarrhoea.

Other diet teas also use guarana, which is a plant often used in energy drinks. Its side effects in relation to its caffeine content include restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, nervousness, vomiting, headache and anxiety, potentially leading you to search for answers to questions like “is marijuana good for nausea?” in your quest to get some relief from any side effects you experience as a result of drinking these teas.

Above all, diet teas contain several ingredients that may be useful and harmful to your body at the same time. They will not help you lose weight but rather cause problems. If you are going to use them, do not use them continuously for a long time.