Strength Training Tips


Strength training is becoming one of the most common ways for people to not only to lose weight, but to improve core strength and to improve their overall physical fitness. It combines several different workout aspects to combine into a training routine that will get the most out of your body.

Knowing the right way to implement strength training is imperative. Too many people use the wrong technique or workout and don’t see the results that their effort should create. Knowing the right way to train will get you the results that you seek and leave you feeling better than ever.

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It’s Okay to Struggle

If, when you lift, you can get through the maximum number of reps suggested with relative ease and low fatigue, it means that you aren’t lifting enough. If you can’t get through the number of reps at all, you’re lifting too much.

Finding that sweet spot, the one where you can get through the sets but the last few reps are a struggle, is the perfect way to push your body. Straining can result in injury and will result in shortcuts while underdoing it won’t give you the workout that you need. Find the right weight for each workout.

Focus on Your Posture

One of the biggest causes of injury is improper posture. Building good posture will help you limit injuries and make sure that you have the strength to do exercises for other muscle groups. If you do work on your quads, make sure to balance that out with hamstring work.

This applies for any portion of your body: work both biceps and triceps, both chest and back, etc. Over-working one portion of your body won’t lead to anything but aching body parts.

Take a Day off in Between Sessions

It is highly important to give your body a day to rest in between training sessions. This is because you need to allow your muscles a chance to heal and rebuild before breaking them down once again. If you do not give your body the chance to heal, you will simply keep breaking down the muscle and never give it a chance to build back up.

For the best results, hit the gym for weight training every other day. This not only gives your body a chance to rebuild but allows you to focus on cardio training on the days in between, which will benefit your overall health as well.