Progressive Overload – How The Missing Secret of Bodyweight Yoga Helped Me to Lose Weight and Feel Great


My Fitness Journey is my personal story of building my health, losing weight, and general feeling much better about life. It tells the story of my journey to become a healthier person. I have been taking supplements and doing a lot of “light” exercise and now am starting to branch out with some strength training and bootcamp workouts as well. I also do yoga and Pilates now and have lost a bunch of weight in the process. This book shares my personal journey as I continue on my fitness journey.

The most important part of my fitness journey was the nutritional education. I read dozens of books and articles and tried many different methods of eating healthy. I would not recommend any of the methods I used as they did not work for me or they were too restrictive. I did, however, find several books that really inspired me to keep going and that have been vital to my success.

One of these books, Eat Your Fat, Feel Like No tomorrow was absolutely incredible. Every week, you go back and forth between two weekdays and one week ahead until you hit your goal weight. This program helps you break through the plateau that you may experience when starting an exercise routine and helps you feel like you are making progress rather than reaching a stationary point. You will eat healthier, feel like you are progressing, and you will actually be making progress!

After this diet and exercise program, I needed a new plan for my nutrition and fitness recovery. I needed to stay on track and to keep my nutrition and fitness in check. So, I began reading more about nutrition and fitness recovery. I found that the best way to do this was to use a system that combines the best of all worlds. This combination allowed me to make my journey to fitness and nutrition and to feel so much better than before.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Missing Secret of Bodyweight Yoga by Jason Ferrugia. It is a series of videos that show you how to perform the many yoga positions that are recommended to aid in your journey to get fit and stay fit. My biggest problem was that I had no idea which videos to purchase because there were so many that it was difficult to make a decision. However, this system helped me to find the ones that worked best for me and helped me to perform all the different yoga positions while in the comfort of my own home. After my first week of using the videos, I noticed a difference in my energy level and my mood as well. I even had the time to talk to my friends about my newfound confidence!

The Missing Secret of Bodyweight Yoga changed my life. I was able to lose weight, feel better, and had more fun during my fitness journey. If you are struggling with a fitness routine or finding that the old exercises are making you feel worse than before, you should really give The Missing Secret of Bodyweight Yoga a try. After one week of using the videos, I knew that I wanted to continue with my training sessions. With all the helpful information that is provided throughout the program, you will be able to make any exercise session into a progressive overload. There is no need to go through another workout burnout because your body can’t handle it anymore!