My Daily Exercise Routine

Isn’t it amazing how when someone seems to commend you on something, you tend to want to enhance it even further? Think of the super beautiful model who is told that they are beautiful at the delicate age when it’s not advisable for them to start wearing make-up as yet, and yet when they go home, after looking at themselves in the mirror to catch sight of this spoken of beauty they possess, will engage in all manner of enhancement processes, like wearing make-up. Well it happens across the board – I don’t know why that is and it’s really hard to explain to those who don’t get it, but I guess it has something to do with the correct belief that any amount of talent one may possess is not enough in isolation. Some kind of “work” needs to be put in to enhance that talent or even preserve it.

In my case I grew up blessed with what I’ve heard many people referring to as the ultimate yoga body, so much so that typical yoga pants fit me so comfortably that it’s almost as if I am the one who designed them. Yet you should see my exercise regime!

I am definitely what you would call a fitness buff – well a health and fitness buff at that, simply because I know what it’s like to look good as a result of feeling good too. It would defeat the purpose looking like you spend lots of time looking after your body if the way through which you did that was in actual fact through the likes of plastic surgery and other cosmetic medical procedures. So here’s some information about what is definitely quite a rigorous exercise regime.

Different focus areas for different days

So when I’m busy honouring the terrace mapped out as part of my fitness regime, two consecutive days are never the same, simply because I practice the principle of complementing muscle groups and giving those areas worked out a chance to recover, regenerate, and grow if needs be.

So it doesn’t necessarily start with Monday as the first day, but if it did (as it sometimes does on occasion), then on the first day I’d usually go hard with strength training, which entails some kettle bells in the gym and some resistance exercises.

I then take the next day off and do mind exercises, because the mind needs just as much exercise as the body, if not a little more.

The next day is back to the resistance strength training, except this time I work on some endurance exercises, such as lifting lighter weights and focussing more on the number of reps to complete.

The following day would entail some flexibility exercises, such as yoga. I tried to get into gymnastics too, but I’m a bit afraid of breaking any bones now. As a child I used to really enjoy gymnastics, and actually attended a centre similar to a kids gymnastics center houston way. I used to love it, so it’s a shame I’m wary to get back into it. So yoga does the trick, up to three times a day – once in the morning, in the evening after work as an alternative to being stuck in the post-workday peak-hour traffic rush, and then finally a very light session just before going to bed.

The next day is filled with gut-busting cardio, preferably via some active sports to take part in on a very competitive level as this works out your full complement of muscles in a very natural way. Then I do cardio again the following day, sometimes doing the same exercises to build some memory into the muscle groups exercised.

Finally, I end the week with resistance training again and every six to eight weeks I take an entire week off the daily exercise regime altogether, just to give my body some time to refresh itself and actually put into effect the changes induced by all the exercising.

There are times when I’d take the whole month off (four weeks), such as when I’m out on my annual vacation with nothing but a mission to totally relax, in which case I love getting sports massages done professionally. Normally I’d still do a bit of yoga during these times of taking a complete break from exercising, engaging in exercises that don’t feel like exercising at all, like swimming.

So yeah, that’s how I manage to maintain my yoga-pants body!