How to avoid the Christmas indulge

How to Avoid Excessive Eating Over the Christmas Period

Healthy Eating

As it is rightly said, “Christmas comes but once in a year” and it seems to roll in faster every year. During the Christmas holiday, most people are weary by obligations and preparations. This, in many cases, leads many people to forget about their health, which has great negative effects after the festive period – especially on the waistline. If it important to focus on one’s eating habits from stress-eating cookies and overeating at parties.

Tips to Avoid Excessive Eating

Here are some tips you can follow to prevent weight gain, elevated blood sugar levels, dull skin, which can result from overeating while still having a wonderful and healthy Christmas holiday season:

Eat A Little Of Everything

You can decide to eat a little bit of everything to not deprive yourself of anything and to prevent overeating during this Christmas period. However, you can do this too at parties. If you don’t follow this, you may end up feeling frustrated and eating too much to feel your satiety.

Have a little of the foods you want to try. Also, try to eat what is given to you and prevent going for other rounds. Although it may be difficult to do, you will never regret doing so. Eating small portions and nibbles make you want to eat more because it does not seem to satisfy your brain.

Enjoy What You Eat

Recent studies show that the secret of staying thin is to be satisfied with what you eat. This means that overeating to the wrong kind of food and not enjoying the food that you eat is what keeps you fat. However, nothing is wrong if you don’t overeat every day and just decide to eat a bit more occasionally.

With great pleasure, you can eat chocolate fondant, burgers, and even cheesecake once in a while but make sure you stage it in a way that the brain knows that it is only for special occasions. If you have to attend several parties during the Christmas period, choose the one you know matters most and make sure you enjoy what you eat there. Attend some others but eat moderately.

Get Enough Sleep

You may not find it easy to have an adequate sleep if you work till late nights and this will not only lead to drowsiness when you wake up, it will also lead to excessive eating. The result of a recent study shows that people who slept for 5 hours or less per night tend to crave more for high-calorie foods (and tend to eat more). This is because sleep rate and duration has an important impact on the activities of the hormones that controls hunger (ghrelin and leptin). When these hormones are regulated, they stimulate the appetite. It is important to sleep well, especially working in the law industry. Workers at Ankin Law Office need to be well rested to provide a high standard of service to their clients. 

Apply these little tips for the Christmas season and other holiday season or big event in your life (such as a wedding) and you will prevent gaining weight due to overeating. You will never feel deprived because you can have a little of all what is available.

Have a great Christmas season!