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Fans of Starcraft: BroodWar are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Korean esports phenomenon with several special tournaments. The Asian StarCraft 2 Open held on May 18th was one of them. This one-day event had players from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore competing in a series of StarCraft 2 tournaments for an astronomical prize pool of USD$15,000. Dong “MacSed” Kang was the man standing out, winning the semi-finals of the open bracket, then becoming the champion with a 2-0 score against Lee “KongFu” Dong Won in the final.

KongFu won a free pass to the semi-finals, where he played against Tong Zhang. Tong won the two series, knocking out Kongfu and becoming the third person to score points in the single-elimination bracket. He will then face the winner of the semi-finals, which was played out by Sun Jun “Teddybear” Lu. As the Starcraft 2 scene in Korea enters its second year, we’d like to congratulate everyone who entered this awesome tournament!

We’ve got your dates! Here’s a look at the schedule for MacSed’s MacSed Live Volume 1: April 24 – MacSed Live Volume 1 and MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! May 12 – MacSed Live Volume 1 signups! May 17 – MacSed Live Volume 1 signups! May 19 – MacSed Live Volume 1 signups! May 23 – MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! June 5 – MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! June 12 – MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! June 19 – MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! June 26 – MacSed Live Volume 2 signups! The goal of MacSed Live is to give all the StarCraft 2 fans the opportunity to watch live matches on the official StarCraft 2 website. Watch some of the best players compete for cash prizes in StarCraft 2!

It’s going to be a fantastic series. I hope you’ll join us as MacSed Live comes out of the shadows! Sweet. For more information, check out the MacSed Live page and be sure to follow @macsed_esports and @macsedlive on Twitter.

Translated and edited by Justin Wong. Disclaimer: Starcraft 2 is a Blizzard title. The players of MacSed Live! are some of the greatest StarCraft 2 players from around the world. Please give the official MacSed Facebook page a follow, and share the MacSed Live link with your Starcraft 2 friends on Twitter!

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