All You Need to Know About Bongs

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Bongs are an alternative way to smoke the substances that you enjoy. It is considered a method that is smoother than a rolled joint and it offers a more intense experience. If you’ve just visited an oklahoma dispensary and want to smoke some cannabis, a bong might be perfect for you.

To find out more you can visit the website This article will also give you the essentials so that you know what a bong is and how it can improve your experience.

What is a Bong and How Does it Work?

A bong is a type of filtration device that is used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and other substances of herbal origin.

Similar to a hookah, the device works by having gas flow from its lower port, which is on the left, to its upper port on its right.

The filtration method that a bong has built-in will strip away any unpleasant flavours and take away the harshness from each hit. This is because there will be less in the way when you receive your buzz.

The beaker bongs are more highly-priced because they are made from high-grade material. Many manufacturers tend to use borosilicate glass, a lab-grade material because it is heat resistant and durable. Glass bongs are considered much better than their plastic or metal equivalents which transmit harmful chemicals to the body while smoking. So, it may be a good idea to consider buying a glass volcano bong or other similar ones and always try to to buy quality bongs. Also, the decorative bongs can be quite collectable. Many users will buy several and display some of them on a shelf.

Advantages of Using a Bong

A bong is a smaller and more portable device than a hookah. Bongs offer a smoother toke that will feel less harsh than smoking a rolled joint or cigarette. There is no doubt that the hit will take effect faster using this method and be more powerful. You can expect more intensity and it can provide an enhanced smoking experience compared to most other smoking methods.

Different Types of Devices

Devices will vary due to their different sizes and their cooling power. They can be geared to specific needs and desires.

There are, for instance, bongs that will feature inline and sprinkler perc for increased filtration. They will come with bowls that enhance cleanliness. Different sizes of glycerin coil will be available. Some will be more ideally suited to flowers and concentrates. A constant water circulation will mean superior filtration and greater smoothness. A water recycling function is a bonus.

To add to the available bongs, there will be a range of accessories and flavours. It is a varied experience to smoke using a bong, rather than just have tobacco cigarettes to choose from. You can be in total control of your flavours and the experience you enjoy. This can be either alone or in a group comparing different devices.

How to Increase the Intensity Further

For tips on how to achieve the best possible hit with the greatest possible intensity, you might consider hitting until you run out of breath. Then the next time that you inhale, remove the bowl and inhale quickly a large amount of the smoke all at once. This will result in a super high which borders on the realms of ecstasy.

History of Bongs

Whether or not you are new to Bongs, they have a history that dates between 1100 and 1400 CE. We know this because 11 bongs were discovered inside a cave in Ethiopia that extended underground to create a cooling system. They were known as the Scythian bongs.

The Ming dynasty would transport tobacco and opium but the bong did not become popular until the Qing dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of China, arrived in 1636. It became the most popular way to smoke. It is now seeing something of a comeback with online providers making them available and offering different types to satisfy the pleasure of their users.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for a new way to smoke, or a new device to consider, we hope this article has proved useful and will either begin your bong journey or enhance your ongoing bong experience.