Well, this is all the way awkward! For some reason I find it hard to write about myself in more of a formal manner, so I’ll just draw inspiration from some conversations I have with people who inevitably go on to ask me about elements of my life and well, about ME!

Okay, let’s start with the basics, shall we? My name is Eloise and I think I’m already giving away a bit too much, considering the fact that I don’t really want my official employers to know that I moonlight as a personal trainer and that I have an entire blog which discusses a portion of the industry they employ me to work as a part of. I don’t particularly think I’m doing anything bad, but I can see why there would appear to be a conflict of interest because I work for a supplements distribution company, you see, and my blog is more about the other side of health and fitness – doing it in more of a natural way!

So I help sell supplements by day, and by night I research and write about a more organic way of getting fit and healthy and maintaining your health and fitness more naturally.

I’m managing quite well though, I would think, simply because there are markets for each of these approaches to health and fitness. On the one hand there will always be people who seek to get the extra nutrients they need to achieve their health and fitness goals through processed, lab-produced supplements, while on the other hand there will also always be an ever-growing market of people who seek the more natural and organic route to achieving the same goals.

So I guess if I ever get “found out” by my employers to be moonlighting and advocating for the other side (sometimes), it won’t be a train smash as these are two seemingly different markets targeted.

So anyway, I grew up with what many people would call the ultimate gym-body, because naturally I looked like I spent many hours in the gym when in fact I didn’t even pay any real attention to health and fitness in that way. Exercise has since become my middle name as I’ve had some issues to deal with earlier on in my life which could have really put a spanner in the works and had me telling a totally different story today.

I was brought back from the brink of being bulimic, because back then I cared a little bit too much what people think about my appearance, regardless of the fact that many people would have killed to have had the body I had. Thankfully things went the other way – very far down that alternative path, for that matter, and that’s all part of how Local Health Edition came to be.

About the blog

I know, I know, there are perhaps as many health blogs as there are stars you can see in the night sky, but here’s just one more in Local Health Edition, which will hopefully come at you with a different perspective. Over here, we’re all about filling in the gaps that form between the conventions around health and fitness, which is what I reckon makes Local Health Edition that much more valuable as a source of information on the topic of health, fitness and the lifestyle around all of that.

My emphasis will be mostly on personal experiences, including my own, as a driving force for the content that will hopefully help many readers manage whatever health and fitness issues they’re dealing with and to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals.

Going back to more of a personal note, for me I realised that my journey would have had to have been sparked by a desire to drill right down to the core of what catering to one’s health and fitness is all about, because I was living the daily reality of looking like I spend time in the gym but not feeling like it.

It is indeed about how some time spent working on your health and fitness makes you feel. How you look as a consequence is nothing more than a bonus, although it is a great benefit to enjoy as well.